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State's promotion in plays, songs and artifacts instead of people welfare is drain of wealth. Nations using it's resouses in arts, music and drama's is way of directing the nation's tresury into vain. On the contrary, Go
Nowadays, governments have increased their investment in the art industry. Regimes should direct their funds to the public sector instead of wasting money by financing the arts industry. I disagree with this argument to
Some said the government should spend expenditure on public services instead of the cultural sector. To a small extent, I agree with this opinion.
In contemporary society, government funding has consistently been the topic of interest among the masses. While there are compelling arguments in favour of that rather than distributing budgets in the art industry, the g
The growth of the counrty is accompanied by the actions taken by the government. The country's economy solely depends on the investments made by the government professionals. Although investing in arts, music and theatre
In contemporary discourse, there exists a viewpoint asserting that investing government funds in arts, music, and theatre is a waste of money. This perspective underscores the value of immediate gratification over long-t
It is argued that the government's should only focus to invest in public services rather than arts and cultural sector. I partially agree with this statement as I believe that we should prioritize the public services, bu
It is an undeniable fact that we are living in a diverse world. Every inches of the world is full of new ideas and notions. Moreover, new generations do not care about virtues that were respected in past decades. As a re
Several areas of government spending lack sufficient funding. It is widely believed that public facilities and infrastructure should be prioritized over fine arts when allocating government resources. I completely agree
n developed countries the public service problems have been solved for years but I think developing countries should pay more attention on public services such as transportation, health cares, energy supply and so on, be
Some individuals may believe that the government’s investment should not be applied to culture, such as theatre and music, which they see as a waste of money. I totally disagree with this statement because culture has no
Art, music, and theatre play a vital role in showing the cultural heritage of the nation as well as the problems in society, and thus it needs financial support from the government. On the other hand, citizens are dealin
Recently, there has been an explosion of controversial debate related to whether public finance should be invested into the numerous creativity activities, such as arts and music, or the practical public services benefit
Governmental investment plays an essential part in developing one country. Some people believe the government should allocate their budget for public services instead of entertainment facilities. I completely disagree wi
It is argued that the government’s investment in art, music and theatre is a waste of money Instead of it should invest this money in public services. Although I agree that government should finance public services more
Art is the main reason which separates us from other creations of the world.With the development of the trade world and technology, Some people think that the government's allocations for art, music and theater as a wast
The arts are key in the life of most cultures worldwide. Evidence shows that music, art and theatre allow people to express themselves and to be more aware of their emotions. Although the arts seem to have an impact on t
Some people believe that doing investment by the government in the extra circulam activities is considered as total wastage. However, others think that investing money in social services is much worth it. I partially agr
In today's fast-paced era, spending on recreational activities have escalated as compared to ancient times. Therefore, A minority of people consider these investments as a waste of time and money, ,,instead they believe
As government holds funds for every citizen in a nation it is their obligation to understand the rudiments of good and bad investments. Some people believe contributing to the cultural part of a country is important, whi
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