Many people believe that international tourism is a bad thing for their country. What are the reasons? Sollutions to change negative acttitudes?

In the recent years, foreign tourists are increasing in the world and many people suppose that tourists are drawback effects for their country. This essay below will outline reasons and methods to solve this issue. On the one hand, international tourism can influence to the environment. To be specific, the large amount of wastes in the peak tourist season come from activities such as: camping, swiming,... so sewage and waste water treatment system will overload and not deal all waste. Therefore, it can lead to environmental pollution. For example, Do Son beach in Viet Nam, water sources are seriously polluted by travel actions. This problem can solve by solutions. The government shouls have punishments such as financial penaty with people relase waste into the environment or water sources. Moreover, raising social awareness of foreign traveler by haging banner with protecting the environment content. On the other hand, cultural nation can be affected by international tourism. Forexample, in Viet Nam's pagodas request wearing neat clothes, people do not shorts, shorts skirts,..when they go there. However, some overseas traveler do not know rules and they can violate. This lead to local people have bad views about tourists. In order to tackle this matter, the authority should require traveler researching information abot countries where they will go and using tourist handbook when they travel. In conclusion, there are some reasons why people think that international tourism is a negative thing and some measures could be taken to address this problem.
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