The availability of the Internet has enabled school children to read books and find reference sources online. Libraries no longer have important roles in assisting students with their study as well as entertainment purposes. Do you agree or disagree with the statement above? Write a paragraph of about 200 words to state your opinion.

Today, many believe that the emergence of the Internet has altered the conventional way of studying. In other word, libraries have gradually made room for the Internet to be the most universal source of information ever. From my own perspective, I strongly accede to the aforementioned staement. These below illustrations will explain the reason why. Firstly, there is no denying that libraries used to be the most common destination for those whose desire is to study, do research, read books to widen range of knowledge, meet and share with others who have interest in common. Ever since the Internet was invented, people much prefer staying at home and going on the Internet to spending time in libraries for Internet is generally much convenient than libraries are. With a smartphone or a laptop, we can effortlessly access the Internet without moving. Moreover, the amount of information in libraries is definitely less than that on the Internet, so there is no doubt that Internet is much prefered. Another equally important thing, in other word, the key factor influencing public's choice between Internet ad libraries is that the time we have to spend on searching for information. Walking into a library, we may get lost admist a variety of books. They are cautiously classified and put on countless considerably high bookshlves that you even want for a ladder to get one on the top. But with the convenience of the Internet, we merely get to type what we want to know in the searching bar, thereupon, many results that are sone of the most suitable for the key words typed appear. Your work is solely choosing one which you think includes needed information. The searching process is obviously significantly shorter than that in libraries. In conclusion, we all appreciate what both aforementioned sources of information contributed to human knowledge, however, the better is the winner. With its convenience, the Internet has overweighed libraries to become the most common one to students.
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