Some people think that high salary is important when choosing a company to work for, while others think that good working atmosphere is more important. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

For a major proportion of the people, there’s a perspective that the primary reason of work is wages but there’s a substantial herd who still believe that a mere handsome salary can’t be only factor of satisfaction unless it offers good work culture and ambience. So, In this essay I would like to portray both the perspectives and hence, outline my personal interpretation to it. On one side of the popular belief, for major chunk of the people, it’s quite prevalent dogma that money is the only solution to their existential problems. Thus, it creates an urge amongst them to incline towards seeking a job in a company rewarding high paychecks. And for this, they are ready to compromise with the work pressure and take tough call on commitments. Though, this negotiates with one’s social life but can earn great monetary rewards and fulfil materialistic desires. On contrary to it, A significant part of community still go with a feeling that companies providing a better work environment transcends the monetary benefits and perks to them. In addition, they believe, it enhances the positive attitude and promotes good health. Which in return, creates social balance amongst them. In my judgment, both the perspectives have a fair appeal. But, I would rather choose a job role in a company which promotes balance in income and working as it fosters an amicable rapport between professional and personal life. In conclusion, To lead a healthy lifestyle we need to maintain good work-life balance to promote ourselves socially, financially and in sound health.
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