In today's world of advanced science and technology, we still greatly value our artists such as musicians, painters and writers. What can the arts tell us about life that science and technology cannot?

Artists have long played irreplaceably crucial roles, which cannot be performed by scientists or technologists. Two such roles will be the main concern of this essay. First and foremost, arts allow us to live in a world of imagination, which does not require any evidence at all as in science. When scientists carry out some research, what they try to seek is evidence based on the collection of actual data, without which they cannot prove anything truly meaningful to the world. However, artists do not have such restrictions, so they have so much freedom in depicting an imaginary world not only to satisfy their own needs but also to meet the demand of the general public, including scientists. For instance, various works of art, such as sci-fi novels or sci-fi films, can help us enjoy the great satisfaction of travelling to faraway galaxies, which is scientifically impossible at the moment, but isn't it a catalyst for certain scientific projects? In addition, unlike technologists, artists aim at touching our heart rather than bringing us practical applications in the form of technological equipment. As a matter of course, in this modern world, we normally need such tools as a smart phone, a computer, or a television set to listen to music, but without great musicians or music composers, how could we have access to unforgettable works? It is the inspiration or motivation from great music that keeps us alive and able to perform our work well on a daily basis, which is undeniable. To recap, there are at least two ways in which scientists and technologists cannot replace artists: thanks to arts, all of us, young and old, can live a fully happy life by developing our sense of imagination and obtaining great sources of inspiration.
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