the percentage of overweight children in western society has increased by almost 20% in the last ten years. Discuss the causes and effects of this disturbing trend

It is true that the propotion of obesity children in Western nations has grown by 20% in the past decade. This essay will take a further investigation into the basics of the issue and figure out the rationable behind it as well as the related repercussions. To begin with, the main reason lies in the recognition of the fact that children have unhealth eating habits. They overeat a lot of junk food. Plus, they consume carbonated drink and food, having high calories. Another factor which is worth taking into consideration is inactivity of children. They tend to watch TV and play with computers more than doing exercise. Outside activities of children are reducing by the habit of inactivity. So, children are becoming overweight. Last but not least, inasmuch as parients work overtime, they have less time for their children. The more parients only earn money, the more they not take care of them carefully. They have fewer nutrient meals, which causes overdigestion of fast foods. When children overeat fast foods which contain enormous calories, should calories not be burn, it will cause the obesity disease of children. Inevitably, such a trend entail certain impacts. First of all, when children absorb huge calories, they have risk of obesity and diabetes disease. What is more, children have increasing body fat percentage. They have suffering from high blood pressure and heart disease. Finally, overweight children have psychosocial effects. Which means that in a culture where slim people are standard of beuty, it is due to the fact that obese people are being ignored. As a result, obese children have fewer opportunities to mix with their peers. Therefore, people take no notice of overweight children which causes depression of obese children. To sum up, this is a taxing problem and tough measures must be taken.
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