Childhood obesity is an increasing problem in Australia.As many as two thirds of children are now obese. Schools have a responsibility to monitor what their students eat and the amount of exercise they do. To what extent do you agree with this statement?

Obesity is becoming increasingly problematic in younger children, especially in Australia more than half of the child population is affected by overweight. Many consider that schools are highly responsible in supervising the kind of food intake and excercise routines of their pupil to ensure a healthy future generation. This essay will discuss why I completely agree with the above statement. The major reason why I support this proposal is because of its success rate.Students are bound to obey the norms of their institution. Therefore, if schools impose strict measures on children’s diet and physical activities, the results would be highly positive. To elucidate, some primary educational institutions,which cares for its pupil, has framed weekly food charts for their refreshment and lunch breaks. Hence, kids would attain a healthy adult life with continuous monitoring by their respective schools. The other main reason why schools should interfere with children’s eating habits is because of the extended time students spend in their classrooms. In short, a student eats atleast a minimum of two meals a day inside the school campus. So, inarguably the responsibility falls on the teacher’s hands. Moreover, the extra hours can be well spent on health excercises which inturn assures physically fit future generation. Therefore, it is absolutely clear that the interference of schools in a student’s healthy lifestyle would eliminate obesity issues. To conclude, this essay discussed why schools should actively take part in monitoring the food intakes and excercising habits of children as itcan potentially reduce obese related disorders in kids.In my opinion,I completely agree that childhood obesity is a responsiblity of schools.
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