*In many countries, people are not taking care of their elderly relatives but seeking the help of professionals to look after them. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?*

These days many individuals, instead of looking after their old family members, are employing the services of the nursing or healthcare professionals for this practice. This essay sees this as a positive development for two main reasons; firstly, it benefits the whole family, secondly, it improves these old people’s health and morale. Everyone is benefited in the family if a professional nurse is hired to cater to the medical or other needs of the elderly. This is because in the present era almost all members have gotten busy in their lives; be it children in their academic life, or adults in their professional life. So, leaving the care of the old people in the hands of these highly trained health professionals makes sense. For instance, a nurse is required to complete at least 4 years before graduating from college under the supervision of other medical staff. Hence, it is evident that if the services of these nursing professionals are employed, then no children, adults have to be there all the time. The second reason why this is a positive thing is that the elderly are very sensitive in terms of their mental health. In the last stage of their lives, they are more susceptible to neurological diseases such as depression or anxiety so forth. When nurses are there to provide assistance to these old ones, it makes them feel relaxed mentally, and it also improves their mood, thus, reducing levels of depression and loneliness, and improving overall health and morale of this older generation. To conclude, it is true the older generation needs more care properly, so it is absolutely a good thing to seek the services of those who are trained professionally
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