Some people think that men are naturally more competitive than women. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In a world where men conquered almost every aspects and sector of the society, many individuals believe that men are much more superior and in terms of competency. Although modern society considered men to be in higher level compared to women, I disagree that women are inferior in different aspects more importantly in terms of competetiveness. The reasons for this claim will be discussed in this essay. To start with, the only acceptable superiority of men against women is their physical aspects. There is no doubt that male are much more stronger than their female counterpart. As a result, this mentality created a patriarchal society wherein men rules every aspect of the modern world. With this scenario, women's abilities and success are undermined because they are considered less significant by men even though they are not. For instance, women in certain country in Europe are considered less of worth until one day all women quit their jobs and marched as a protest against gender inequality. This protest shuts down the country's economic sectors and forced the government to give what the women wants, this is one of the solid proof that women are equally competetive than men. In addition, there are lot of women who excels in aspects of the society. As gender equality emerge gracefully in the modern world, we can see a lot of women becoming successful in different sectors. One solid example of this claim is the the former president of the Philippines Cory Aquno which led a peaceful revolt against the dictatorial government of Marcos. This proves that women are not to go easy with. In conclusion, men and women are equally competetive in different aspects of the society, Although throughout history men ruled over the world, modern females now slowly shows us how women can equally match men in different aspects.
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