In many countries, very few young people read newspapers or follow the news on TV. What do you think are the causes of this? What solutions can you suggest?

These days people are becoming less interested in reading in general ,and especially newspaper .No matter which country they came from they mostly prefer to use the internet . However.In my opinion, I believe that one of the causes is because newspaper are not interested any more. Especially, for younger generations who likes more to read about musicians or artist for example. Which might be mentioned in the newespaper, but not that much as they want it to be .We can have a newespaper which concentrate more on these topics to encourage people to read more. Also, besides that now we can read about anything, just by look up in our phones or laptops it is easier than buying a newspaper everyday.Furthermore, we can only concentrate on the topics that we prefer. Indeed, these web sites cannot be trusted, unlike the newespaper which is considered cheaper than news web sites we can inform people about the possible risk for these websites and the effect of fake news on socity and that the newespaper are more truastble than web sites. In addition, the size of the newspapers can become a hindrance. Normally, the size can make it harder to read on the bus or in the coffee shop.If we can reduce the size and make it easier for people to carry it with them its will make meny people read more in any place so the number of newsaper reader will increas. In conclusion, we can induce people to read the newspaper by except their interest and try to focus on what attract them the most.
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