“some parents think that childcare centres provide the best services for children of preschool age. Other working parents think that family members such as grandparents will be better carers for their kids”. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

People have different views with regard to the question of how to provide best services for kids. In my opinion, pre - school students will have better environment when they are in kindergarten than staying with closed members. On one hand, many busy parents think that relatives such as grandparents, aunts, and cousins will give safer cares and love for their kids because of blood relationship. By looking after only one or two kids, grandparents can pay more attention to the child and keep them stay away from being hurting or swallowing small pieces of furniture. Furthermore, the kids really love their closed members, and this makes them feel comfortable and happy to be cared by them. On the other hand, childcare centers play a crucial role in educating young kids nowadays. All teachers and staffs are trained in a professional environment such as universities or colleges before working at kindergarten. This will allows students to improve their behaviors and know how to interactive with teachers and other friends. Moreover, according to recent research, young kids learn and imitate everything quicker than others, that is the reason why teachers always stimulate kids to hold the chopsticks and eat by themselves. Additionally, many international preschools in Vietnam teach extra-curricular subjects such as English, Arts, Music, and outdoor activities for children which will provide full development of pre- school kids. In conclusion, while some people think that family members will provide better care, I believe that childcare centers bring more benefits for kindergarten students
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