In many countries today, the eating habit and lifestyle of children are different from those of previous generations. Some are of the opinion that this had negative effects on their health. What is your opinion? Do you agree or disagree with this idea.

It has been witnessed the change in either eating preference or living routine of children for over decades on all over the world. Some people argue that this can cause a variety of negative effects to their own health. I fully agree to the fact that this change is harming youngster health day by day. Eating preferences are getting worse than it used to be. The first explanation for this issue is children are likely to consume too much junk food such as potato chips, pizzas, hamburgers and so on. Therefore, kids are easily getting obesity which might lead to some serious disease like cardiovascular, high-blood pressure or stroke. The second reason is that youngster seems to eat outside more frequently which can cause food poisoning and impact badly on the immune system to children. Not only eating habit but also lifestyle is becoming worse and worse. Initially, kids tend to take less exercise than previous generations. To be more specific, the curriculum might cause too much pressure thus they have to study harder. That is the reason why kids spend less time to take exercise. Another reason is that they tend to sleep less owing to playing too much video game in their sparetime. This can show that youngsters are wasting their health badly and starting a sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, this living routine could carry health risks than ever before as this make our children become extremely passive to everything. Among those, this change has caused negative impact on children on this day and age. Consequently, people should educate their child about the primary health care as soon as possible. Moreover they can make an effort to balance the nutrition in one meal in order to take a good care to members of their family.
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