Fresh water reserves are becoming less worldwide. What are the reasons for this? What are the solutions that can be done by countries and individuals?

It is evident that fresh water reserves are becoming scarce globally. 2.5% of the globes water is fresh water. Although there are many reasons for the marked decrease of reserves, they are not without solutions. That can be done by both governments and individuals. This essay will outline the two main reasons behind this problem: the increase in the global population & the decrease in the supply of fresh water. Furthermore, discuss solutions, namely, the passing of new government legislations to control water expenditure and the education of individuals on water conservation. There are many reasons for the rise in demand in fresh water. Firstly, with the increase in population, comes an increase in water consumption. In other words more the more people that roam the earth the more demand in water they need. This is because humans need to stay hydrated in order to survive. For example, in 2005 during the world’s highest population peak, the amount of fresh water decreased by 0.3%. Another reason for this dilemma is none other than global warming. Time and time again we hear about global warming and its dangers all over the media. It has a direct correlation to this very cause. As temperatures decrease, more water is frozen and turned into glaciers, therefore it becomes unattainable for our use. For instance, in 2005, the state of Alaska reported the spike in the formation of the number of glaciers by 20%, due to the decrease in temperatures, more ice formed overseas. Despite the many issues, there are many measures that can be taken by both the authorities and individuals to tackle them. Governmental laws can be implemented, such as: limiting water consumption through minimizing the number of times someone can wash their car. This was proven successful in the UK in 2014, people are limited to washing their vehicles once a week, which has resulted in a 50% decrease in weekly water usage throughout the kingdom. In addition, individuals may participate in water awareness campaigns, organized by neighborhoods to educate the population on efficient ways to preserve water. Personally, in my local community I was taught to count the seconds I use my tap for and ensure it doesn’t surpass 30, which has helped and benefited me in water conservation. In conclusion, the acknowledgment of the causes just discussed and by the application of these solutions, we may help alleviate the issue of decreased fresh water reserves worldwide.
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