Nowadays more and more young people hold the important positions in the government. Some people think that is a good thing while others argue that it is not suitable. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

In some regions, a great number of youngers are elected for key roles in the government. While some people claim that is unfair compared to the olders; many others, myself included, believe it is beneficial for our society. However, I will take these two viewpoint into consideration when discussing them in this essay. To begin with, the fact of the matter is that youngsters are mostly lack of real experience as they have never challenged or dealt with a great many difficult situations. Moreover, a tiny part of young people are irresponsible, pass the buck when making mistakes and have a signal for capitalizing their roles. Based on those viewpoints, a host of people criticize many young leaders and are not in favour of their current positions. In addition, with the shortage of social skills, these young authorities can have difficulty in solving international problems or establishing the legislation. Gradually, their decisions can stagnate the economic recession and pose a threat to everyone's income as a result. On the other hand, the youngsters also have some advantages with regard to their age and high passion. Unlike the olders, they have a very long period to develop and complete themselves step by step. They have their youth hence they may be not hesitate to take risk in making decisions and choosing the most ultimate path. By virtue of being born in the industry 4.0 coupled with many significant breakthroughs in technology, the young people can have more chance to learn, become modern, creative and sophisticated. Additionally, one of the key factors contributing to the success in any occupations is the passion. Therefore, the working productivity of many young leaders are always high and effective. In conclusion, the question whether or not young people should hold many inevitable roles in the government creates a lot of attraction from people but I want to reaffirm that having many young leaders can be beneficial for us due to some aforementioned reasons.
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