In many countries, children are becoming overweight and unhealthy. Some people think that the government should have the responsibility. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In a lot of nations , offspring are becoming obese and delicate . some people believe that the authorities should have the duties about this reality . From my perspective , i completely disagree with this statement . Personally, I believe that eating habit of children is one of the most common reason of overweight and bad health of a child . Nowadays , the kids consume a large amount fast food and junk food for instance : chips , hamburger ,etc , and these types of food have big quantity of calories , and these kinds of food will make people get fat and some related diseases . In addition , at present the information technology industry is growing day by day , as a result children health is effected negatively because a lot of children are usually keep their eyes on their phone or computer and always sit in front of their electronic devices for a long time , the consequences are : they will got some typical eyes problems like : short-sighted , astigmatism , Presbyopia . some mental problems : autism , Anxiety , etc , moreover the grease that their digest system have converted to energy will be accumulated and turn in to fat . In fact , adults have a big responsibility to manage their children's eating habit . They should keep their eyes on what their children eat , and educate them to know what they eat , they should limit the amount of fast food that consumed by their kids . Beside that they should create some outdoor activities for their offspring , and spend their time with their children . in conclusion , the governments don't have any responsibility of overweight and unhealthy children , the biggest responsibility is belongs to their parents , and their parents should have solutions to tackle this phenomenal
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