When choosing a job, the salary is the most important consideration. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Many people have demand for a salary. On the basis of the education and experience individual expect. No doubt, it is one of the important factor of life, but it is also necessary to work in a good environment this is most important. One point of view, an individual before joining an organization give importance to the salary and according to him the salary offered is not up to the mark because of which he drop that opportunity, but if he will not receive that kind of offer from other companies, then he doesn’t have the option to join that organization. Another view point, one person want to join a well-known respectable company whatever remunation they proposed. This will be the better choice, because that individual gain experience. May be for him the priority is to learn different things and get experience that will be fruitful for him in future. In Addition, mostly human beings are critical thinkers. Financial crisis are a lot. No doubt, things are getting expensive for example, food, accommodation, transportation and clothes. But beside all, if one person only waiting for the highest earning and due to this he is not working it will be the worst condition it is not worth full. He can’t be able to meet his needs. In conclusion, pay is important but other factors are also important environment, co-workers and continuation of work. Sometimes, people find satisfaction but working environment make them feel satisfied and motivation level increases.
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