Some people believe that violence on television and in computer games has a damaging effect on the society. Others deny that these factors have any significant influence on people's behaviour. What is your opinion?

A part of the society believes that the violence experienced nowadays, has as one of the responsible the tv and video game, while another part vehemently denies this connection. In my opinion, it is not in the media that we should put the blame. To begin with, I think that every person who is violent was born with that seed inside it. I truly believe that some people were born to be evil. Putting blame on television or violent video games is just an excuse for them. Take, for instance, famous serial killers of the 60s and 70s, they did not grow up playing violent video games, they did not spend hours in front of a tv watching violent tv shows or films, because mainly, they only exist today. Also, if we take that information as a base, that people get more violent because of TV and games, I bet that practically the whole world would be violent nowadays, right? Well, at least a lot of the young people of the world! Imagine what chaos, we would be facing on those days with all those crazy games? As for myself, I already have played a lot of those games and never thought to shoot or hit anyone out there. To conclude, yes, I even understand some people accuse the media of the cause of the violence but in fact, I think it is more useful in reducing it than increasing it. The media should be seen as a great tool to spread peace.
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