Over Sugar Consumption Is Unhealthy. Some People Think That Governments Should Take Responsibility To Control It

Excess consumption sugar make people unhealthy. As compared with the past , the number of diabetics patients are increased year after year. That is because of the uncontrollable usage of sugar and added sugar substances like soft drinks, candy etc. Some people are of the opinion is that government should take responsibility to control the usage of sugar . Proponents of these problem think that , individuals should take responsibility and they must control themselves for maintain good health. With regards to the responsibility of government, there are numerous ways that government can take initiative for the control of sugar consumption. Firstly, government can check the quality of the sugar and restrict or ban the production of low quality product that may positively affect our healthy habits. Secondly, government should impose taxes for increasing the price sugar. As a result , the usage of sugar going to decline and that will again benefit to our body and our health. Another important way is that, government can apply limit for the consumption of sugar with the healp of ration shops. Through this government can set a barrier or limit for the consumption. Correspondingly , individuals can themselves control the usage of sugar for maintaining a good healthy habit. For instance, people who are aware about their daily healthy routine can control sugar level easily . Another important way to reduce the consumption is that , people who are running fit
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