The amount of time spend on sport and exercise should be increased in school in order to tackle the problem of overweight children ? Do you think this the best way to deal the problem ? what other solutions can you suggest ?

Obesity in lad's has become one of the major problems in current generations ,which leads to serious health issues .significant amount of people think this can be resolved by spending ample amount of time for sports and exercise while others opine there are alternatives to this . To embark on , the predominant factor that leads to increase of weight in adolescents is lazyness , which is due to rapid growth of technology where people prefer to engage online instead of getting out of home and involving in some physical activities , additionally people prefer easy approach for all the things for instance , ordering food online instead of cooking at home .This approach does not move them from their seats, consequently abnormal increase in the weight at early ages . On the other hand , this problem can be resolved by spending some time every day on physical activities such as games and Exercises which could bring a drastic change in one's health , in addition to this activities for example , jogging and cycling would be a better option for the lad's who prefer to workout outside the school . In most of the educational institutions a specific slot would be allocated for recreational activities , proper usage of these classes would bring a broader view in children on the health impacts of over weight . To conclude , over weight is a problem that one has to take serious at the early age , which can be resolved by investing some amount of time on sports and daily exercises as prevention is better than cure , each individual has to be serious in preventing the over weight .
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