Men do most of the high level jobs.Should the government encourage a certain percentage of these jobs to be reserved for women ?Give your own opinion.

The number of men who are employed at the higher positions in companies is much higher than the number of women. Some people believe that government must secure certain positions for women in the companies. In my opinion, I totally agree with this statement that , the females should be allocated higher ranks. At the outset, a good reason to reserve upper roles for women is to give equal opportunity to everyone. It is seen that, in most of the sectors the females are dominated by their male counterparts. Moreover, to balance the power between both the genders it is a pragmatic approach to uplift the position of women. To illustrate, according to a recent survey by Times of India , it is revealed that 90% of the Multi National Companies are nowadays running programmes and workshops on inclusion diversity in the leadership. In fact, such initiatives will pave the way for diversity resources in leadership positions and consequently, it will benefit them with plethora of opportunities to explore. Another good point to consider is that , accumulating a percentage of upper roles for women will motivate other parents to educate their daughters. In many of the rural places, due to cultural gap and traditional mindset people do not prefer to send their female child to school or at workplace. Therefore, such imperative thinking must be altered for the healthy society. It is truely said,"Women are the real architects of the society". Hence , the powerful women will set an example for others to push their children for education. For instance, the CEO of IBM, Ginney Rometty went to several rural areas to impart right knowledge and share her viewpoint with others to come forward. To recapitulate, a sea change will be observed if government encourage companies to reserve places for women in upper positions. This will empower the women towards the overall betterment of organization and society.
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