In many cities today, most people live in large apartment blocks. Does this kind of accommodation have more advantages or disadvantages?

Vertical building has been increasingly witnessed among last decades. Many people prefer to live in well supplied compounds while others prefer the old, yet less crowded, fashion of housing. I will explain why I think that disadvantages outweigh the benefits of this architecture . Firstly, houses are closest to comfort. It is obvious that houses are made to be a chic shelter for the household after work or school. For example, properties in question are less spacious in general if compared by to houses. Moreover, access to the garden or the garage takes more effort when compared to living in a house where you can enjoy sitting in the garden to relax or take a ride in glimpse. Secondly, living on high altitude can affect one’s health adversely. Studies have shown that people who live in high floors are more prone to problems in their oxygen saturation which may affect how less energized they will be on the long term. Furthermore, many people tend to have less outings as they feel lazy to do so. Moreover, it is though that children who were raised in crowded places like compounds, where the facilities are is limited, are more prone to acquire myopia in the future. In conclusion, monetary reasons are appealing when thinking about investing in compounds, however, drawbacks on health and quality of life are stronger.
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