Some people think the government should be responsible for solving the pollution problem which results from heavy traffic. To what extent you agree?

Nowadays, most countries around the world are facing increasing pollution problem which results from increased traffic in big cities. It is often argued that only the government is responsible to found solutions to minimise pollution problem. Although I agree that governments responsibility plays a crucial role, I think every person is accountable and should do efforts each other to solve this problem. Firstly, overpopulation is the main reason for increasing pollution. As a consequence, peoples have old cheap cars they use them to move to different places. Besides, public transport is too expensive and less convenient than private vehicles. In addition, governments not giving rebates for people witch bought ecology friendly vehicles such as electric or hybrids. Moreover, this is governments responsibility to update infrastructure to make them more ecology friendly such as build new bike tracks, easy access to charging station for electric cars, reduction tickets price for public transports, changing petrol or diesel public buses to electric. Governments should allocate a large part of its budget on public transportation and eco-friendly infrastructure in cities. From the other side, we have 20000 new motor cars which coming on roads every day. Recent market research shows as a standard family have more vehicles than drivers. In addition, cars are usually more than ten years old also have a big co2 emission, and people don't care about that. Apart from this, people don't like to use public transports or bikes because they not have time or are too lazy. Hence, that's not possible to prevent pollution without peoples helps. To conclude, though I agree that the government is responsible and should find a way to eliminate pollution problems, I think that people are also partially responsible.
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