In countries where there is high unemployment, most pupils should be offered only primary education. There is no point in offering secondary education to those who will have no hope of finding a job. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

There is a controlversial debate that pupils should be offered only primary education if their country has high unemployment rate and it is not neccesary to offer secondary education because the chance of finding a job is little. I strongly belive this statement has many flaws such as undefined correlation between education and unemployment . Hence, I do not agree with it. First of all, we need to understand the reasons behind high unemployment rate. In many cases, the high unemployment rate is due to the economic situation such as high inflation or ability of government to run the economy. Those economics indicators represent the health of the country and likely correlated with job market. Barring pupils from secondary education does not contribute to the progression of economy but also cuts its potential growth rate. For instance, secondary educated pupils should be able to adapt to working environment better than the primary one. Furthermore, people with minimum education may seek for jobs oversea at developed country where there is always a need of immigrant labor worker. Singapore is a good example where there a lot of low educated people working in construction sites and maids working at households. Those oversea jobs are great sources of foreign currency to the home country. Moreover, the idea of people has no chance finding a job even he or she got secondary education contains a major flaw. Job market is defined by demand and supply of skilled and qualified labor and the size of job market is driven by economy and development, obviously people with higher education is preferred, even that job requires no education at all and even the size of job market is small, there will always be need of labor for any industry. For example, demand of labor is always present at low development country or rural area. This idea is not only solving the economy issue but also represent the weakness in coutry government. To conclude, high unemployment rate is an issue of any economy and providing pupils with only primary eduation is not the solution to that problem and doing so may limit the country potential growth rate in future.
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