Eating too much sugar is harmful for health. Some people think that it is government responsibility to limit people’s sugar consumption, while others think that it is individuals responsibility to limit the amount of sugar they eat. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It is true that consuming processed food more than a limit will jeopardize health, and same stands for sugar aswell. However, while some believe that the gvernment is resposible for limit the excessed sugar consumption, I would argee with those who argue that it is individual’s duty to take care of their food-intake. To begin with, public healthare department which falls under government has the prime resposibility of public well being. But, due to lack of stong policy on sugary products, sugar prone disease are speading like an epidemic. Thus, it is government’s duty to enact a law, which cut down the consumption of harmful sweet products. For example, Canada has implemented a rule which taxes sugary product based on the total content of sugar they have. As a result, it helped Canadian government to minimize the meance of dangerous illness. However, I feel that the individual has major role to play while dealing with such kind of scenario. This is because the government only make policy for our well being but individual’s action is more effective in this case. The reason for this is, when a person understand consequences of his eating habit and restrain harmful eatable from their meals, than the risk of lethal disease automatically falls. Moreover, in the liberal market, the government can not limit sell of these products after some extent. Therefore, result oriented solution lies with inviduals only. In conclusion, although the government can make strict law related to sell of high sugar products, I think that the individual’s action originated form awarness can take on this problem effectively.
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