Some people believe that a gap year between school and university is a good idea, while others disagree strongly. Consider both sides of this debate and present your own opinion. You should give reasons for your answer, and include ideas and examples from your own knowledge and experience. Write at least 250 words

Nowadays, many high school graduates have been advised to take a gap year before university.
some people believe that it can greatly benefit a person, many
others including
Accept comma addition
others, including
myself believe
Accept comma addition
myself, believe
it to be a waste of time. One of the main reasons why students have been encouraged to undertake a gap year is to broaden their horizons and explore the world. It is through their journey and travels will they fully understand the society around them, something that cannot be wrote learned.
For example
, many students who have the privilege of going to school do not understand those that could not due to financial reasons or societal reasons.
However through
Accept comma addition
However, through
their volunteer work in these
under developed
relating to societies in which capital needed to industrialize is in short supply
areas are they fully able to comprehend these problems and grow as a person. Contrastingly, many of those that oppose the extra break believe
that is
merely a waste of time and money. Going abroad and volunteering in different countries across the globe is not cheap and
is costly.
For example
, in order to travel
making or becoming suitable; adjusting to circumstances
, visas, travel insurance all have to be covered. These costs are mainly burned by the parent.
leads to the child being dependent on their parents for
, if they had gone straight to
university, then they
they would be able to get a job faster and become independent. In conclusion,
to take
a sabbatical allows graduates to grow and experience societal values it can lead to financial strains on the family.
, I believe that gap years are a waste of time.
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