Some employers want to be able to contact their staff at all times, even on holidays. Does this development have more advantages than disadvantages?

An employment practices have been changed radically since
25 to 30 years. Most of the employers want to be looped with their employees all the
in order to get rid of any uncertain situation. These working practices have its own positive aspects;
however it
Accept comma addition
however, it
has some significant negative points too. Technology is changing rapidly and it is setting
of pressure on Multinational companies to small scale organizations to meet market demands. In order to meet
requirements employers
Accept comma addition
requirements, employers
are trying to get maximum possible
from their staff. Nowadays, managers are used to call their junior staff at any
if any
related critical situation comes around.
kind of practices has some advantages
as; Critical situation can be tackled immediately, in certain
problems needs to resolve on the spot to avoid any delays or financial damages to
the company
For example
, Construction industry.
on the other hand
employees are getting paid for their working hours only.
The majority
A majority
of employees
do not wants
do not want
for free or they may not want to spend their family
even its urgency.
For example
, If
an employee
the employee
is enjoying their family
or function and if they asked to do something office
, definitely they will not like to skip their personal life.
may result in employee’s low morale; they might feel to switch their current job or start to hate their company, they may not
as they supposed to
. In conclusion, contacting employees 24X7 have its own benefits as an organization.
, it has significant downsides that might cost a-lot to employer
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