Some parents buy their children a large number of toys to play with. What are the advantages and disadvantages for the child of having a large number of toys?

Nowadays, many parents buy their children and a sizable number of toys,
many toys to play with can have both positive and negative
in a
manner of acting or controlling yourself
and affect the relationship with parents. Today, parents can choose from a variety of toys to buy
their children.
, toys can be beneficial due to their ability to teach through playing essential things to the children.
, toys can keep children busy while parents do other things.
For example
, parents who work from home want to be silent in order to work efficiently, so toys can be lifesavers.
, if a child has many
Accept comma addition
toys, then
it will be harder to get bored. On the contract, having many toys can
bring many disadvantages. Many children become spoiled by having many toys and they keep asking for more.
For example
, a research has shown that 58% of children who have many toys are likely to not want to share them.
In addition
, children can easily become addicted to playing with toys and it will be challenging for parents to introduce them to new ways of having fun.Relations with parents will be affected and children will prefer toys
of spending time with them. In conclusion, buying a lot of toys to a child can have both advantages and disadvantages. Even
(postpositive) however
, children benefit from playing with toys they can
become addicted and that will have
as a result
problems with the relationship with their parents.
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