many employers are employing people with good skills as well as good qualifications. do you agree or disagree that good skills are as important as good qualifications to succeed in a job?

Nowadays, many recruiters are in favour of choosing candidates with both interpersonal and technical skills. I completely agree that
is the best method in evaluating and employing new individuals in a company.
, It is commonly known that unlike good educational qualifications, social skills are hard to teach.
In other words
, interpersonal qualities
as team-
, communication skills and the ability of listening actively are a result in engaging in several activities while growing up. Those characteristics are either born in a human being or taught during their childhood.
, it is essential to examine if a candidate has the right social skills as much as their technical skills because they are not easily taught to an adult.
For instance
, individuals who were encouraged to participate in community
in their childhood will build a team
spirit better than a kid who spent most of his time playing video games individually.
, socials kills are vital in recruiting a candidate in order to save and maintain a healthy
environment. To put it differently, a healthy workplace requires several effort from both employees and employers. Having a colleague who lacks the team spirit, adaptability, and listening qualities will create a negative tension between co-workers.
As a result
, employees will get motivated, frustrated and unwilling to cooperate together.
For example
, employees who chose to
together to achieve a task or meet a deadline will not only speed up the pace of the
improve the quality of
. In conclusion, social skills are harder to grasp as a person grows older,
on the contrary
of educational and technical skills that are taught by either experience or college.
, the evaluation of the interpersonal skills needed in a job vacancy is as importing as knowing their good qualifications and educational background
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