The international community should take action immediately to ensure that all countries reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, such as gas and oil. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In the present era the usage of gas and oil is significantly increasing day-to-day.Some people argued that the international community should involve in
critical problem and have to take necessary actions to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels.According to my opinion, I considered
issue a vital one and I strongly agree for
essay will discuss the importance of fossil fuel and what necessary actions we can implement to reduce the unnecessary wastage of it.
To begin
, Do you think controlling of non-renewable material source is an important issue, Certainly yes, because the number population is increasing every
, amount of hydrocarbon deposit decreasing drastically. E.G a latest statistics released by the UN, the population rate is increased by 5% in past 5 years, especially, in Asian countries.
In addition
the major reason for decreasing the fossil fuel is because of its uncontrolled usage.For an instance, a recent survey conducted in the USA reveals atrocious fact that if we were not controlling the handling of non-renewable, it will end by the
50 years. Is there any solutions to tackle
problem, yes, there is a lot of measures we can implement to control the management of oil and gas.
, we can control the usage of private vehicle.A good example,
year in Delhi three days in one month was celebrated as 'public pooling' day.
That is
, everyone should travel public transport on that particular day.A recent report released by Delhi government pointed out that, in one 'public pooling' day they saved 100000 KL of petrol.
, we can select renewable source
as sunlight and wind, replace the fossil fuel with
renewable energy in some sector.
For instance
, the number of solar panels in industry area climbed drastically recent years. In conclusion, protecting the non-renewable energy is our responsibility.So, wisely use your power sources and try to use more renewable energy
as sunlight.We can preserve our fossil gas and oil for our future generation.
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