The growth of online shopping will one day lead to all shops in towns and cities closing. Do you agree or disagree?

Purchasing on the internet has become increasingly popular over the latest decade. Thanks to
, there is a widely spread belief that the
generations will no longer see physical stores on the streets. From my perspective, despite the clear relevance of e-commerce nowadays, buying virtually does not fulfil all the necessities of clients to replace all retail stores.
selling goods, traditional shopping offers a unique experience for customers. Diverse from the digital world, these commercial areas invest in creating a pleasurable atmosphere rather than only sell products.
For instance
, the majority of American shopping malls have a musical environment along with salespeople trained to offer a personalized experience to consumers.
, in spite of the facilities and generally affordable prices found online, clients might continue to come to real shops to gain what it is beyond the product.
, certain goods are not fully appropriate to buy without a physical presence. Regarding clothes and shoes, trying on before purchasing them is a requirement for most shoppers.
That is
because, even with all the specific measures, clients might have daunting challenges to find the right piece. To illustrate with numbers, the online store of Forever 21 claims that an average of fifty percent of their fashion collection is returned by costumers despite the lack of defects.
, concerning the fashion industry, online shops are not the ideal to provide the ideal clothing. To conclude, websites offer a range of products;
, the costumer's experiences are limited.
, certain goods might require personal evaluation of clients before acquiring them, making it difficult concluding
, I oppose the notion that shops in the future will close
as a result
of online shopping.
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