Increasing the price of petrol is the best way to solve growing traffic and pollution problems. To what extent do you agree or disagree? What other measures do you think might be effective?

I It is argued that the most effective method to control the amount of increasing
as well as environmental issues is to increase the gasoline prices. I partially agree with
, I do not agree that it is the most effective way.
, I would like to suggest some viable solutions as follows. Petrol is undeniably one of the key elements used in operating vehicles, which is sold at almost every corner of our planet.
, in order to curb the tremendous amount of
nowadays, it is advisable to raise the petroleum price.
will act as a demotivating factor, discouraging people from travelling much on roads as they will have to cover a large gasoline bill.
, people will find other convenient ways to commute
as walking, cycling or using public transport. These alternative approaches are much more cost-effective as well as environmentally-friendly. To be more exact, air pollution is mainly caused by the fumes released from moving vehicles.
, by using the above eco-friendly options, travellers can greatly contribute to the efforts of alleviating the current severity of pollution.
On the other hand
, many other effective methods should
be taken into consideration and implemented to reduce the pressing problems.
, the governments should pay close attention to enhancing the quality of public transport. In fact, a great number of people refuse to use them because of their substandard quality.
, a noticeable improvement in these infrastructures will encourage people using them more frequently.
, imposing a higher tax on vehicle purchases will
be beneficial, directly affecting to customers’ buying behaviours, making them buy less. Another feasible approach in the near future is to invent means of transport operated by renewable energies. All these suggested measures will significantly reduce the amount of
, make the pollution-related problems less severe. To conclude, raising the gasoline price has proven to be advantageous to some extent in cutting down on
as well as mitigating pollution issues.
, there are at the same time other favourable ways to tackle these adversities.

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