Today more and more tourists are visiting place where conditions are difficult, such as the Sahara desert or the Antartic. What are the benefits and disadvantages for tourists who visit such places?

There were times, when people never thought of risking thier lives, but as the times are changing by leaps and bounds so are the people's expeditions. Today people are no more scared of risking their lives to get life time experiences. Everyone wants to live on the edge. Travel makers are tapping onto unexplored places such as the Sahara and the Antartic to feel the thrill. There are various added advantages of such explorations and with the same comes the negative aspects. Will discuss it below. To embark on, people, especially the young bloods who love travelling want to go places where no one wants to or never have been. Such expeditions are nerve wrecking but it has its own advantages such as boosting confidence. The confidence of an individual reaches the brim and their lives change up side down. There's a three sixty degree change in the personality. Moreover they come to know how locals of that region strive to survive and how the fight for, survival of the fittest has to be dealt with on every daty basis. such experiences boost the moral of a person and comes handy in his professional career. On the contrary, there are disadvantages attached to such experiences. For example, It can cost an arm and leg for establising such trips and adding icing on the top it may put an individuals life on stake. There have been senerios where people due to extereme temperatures in the Antartic have faced froast bites and lost thier hands or legs, which is not worth the experience. To sum up, yes there are many advantages to such thrilling and extra ordinary passions but everything comes with a cost. Adventures never come with warning bells.
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