In some countries it is now illegal to reject someone applying for a job because of his or her age. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

The right of work it is fundamental to human beings and
shouldn’t influence a job application. It is true that
age it
Accept comma addition
age, it
is sometimes an important criteria for selecting a candidate in some companies,
I argue that it is illegal and has a negative impact on modern society.
, youth/maturity is not an indicator that someone’s ability or potential decrease.
, treating a candidate less favourable based on their
is unfair. As an illustration, let’s take a particular elderly worker, it may be tough that has less manual strength and concentration than a youngster, but how can someone evaluate his skills without giving a chance to try? At the end of the day when a person applies for a
new position
knows his limits and abilities.
On the other hand
, when a young inexperienced person applies for the
time, is driven by ambition and motivation and has all the resources to succeed in that career.
, if a society discriminates the workforce based on their
it will stain the public reputation. Suggesting that population is mostly dependent on social services. Working in a good quality activity keeps us active and financially secure. A key issue is that people with health conditions don’t get the support they need at workplace – often simple things like flexibility at work. A snap solution could be to include a higher participation of young people among the old ones.
will enhance competition, lead to a better match among workers and the talent fructified. To sum up, the government and work organization ought to be alert, having a strong legislation against
discrimination and give employers more choices.
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