You have a spare room in your Apartment that you would like to rent out to a student. Write a letter to your Student Accommodation Officer of local college and say 1. Where is your apartment located? 2. When will the room be available 3. What are the requirements for a student to stay?

Dear Sir, With due respect, I am writing
letter to inform you about the availability of a room in my
which I intend to rent out to a student.
, I own an
at Homeland Heights block C and my flat number is 112. The
is located at a prime location with just 5kms away from the airport, 8kms from the shopping complex and is just 10 minutes walking distance to your college.
, the
consists of four rooms out of which three are occupied by me and my family and the remaining one is being refurbished. Prior to
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it was let out to one of the
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from your college who passed out
year. The room is almost complete and is ready to move in from 7th
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, we want to rent out it to someone is who is sincere and honest and takes utmost care of the room as all the new bathroom fittings and lights have been installed.
, the student is required to be back by 9 pm , no
late night
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parties or loud music, outsiders will not be permitted. Only in case of emergency will the outsider be allowed. Prior consent from the owner is a must for the same. In case of any
clarifications , please feel free to contact on my email i.e [email protected] Regards,

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