Some people think that cultural traditions will be destroyed when they are used to make money from tourists. Others believe that this is the only way for some places to survive in today's world. Discuss both sides and give you opinion.

Cultural traditions can be defined as the lifestyle and language are inherited by people as well as the building and food become the features of life.
the pace with the advancement of technology, mankind can obtain more information about different cultural traditions or even travel the countries using the convenient transportation.
, some people support that traditions will be destroyed because of earning money from the tourists while others think that
is the only method to preserve the places.
of all, it is undeniable that cultural traditions are changed significantly due to tourists. The behaviours of tourists are annoying
as littering, destruction towards
a man-made object taken as a whole
and disrespect of culture, but the locals must be endured because of making the profits. The government
do not care
matter seriously and just give the warning,
of practicing the punishment towards illegal tourists.
, some traditional food must be varied the ingredients because to match the taste of foreigners, causing tourists cannot realise the original cuisine and feel disappointed of being cheated. From another aspect, tourism is aimed for some cultural traditions to survive until nowadays, for the locals know the uniqueness and preciousness of their cultures, so that they will share the cultural history and be proud of it.
In addition
, if the cultures are not learned by the young generation, it will disappear sooner without any man-made damage. It is obvious that traditions must be done repeatedly in life because to avoid the degeneration. In conclusion, in order to let our later generation can realise various cultural traditions around the world, we must pay effort to protect and preserve our culture. With the cooperation of the government, the occurring of vandalism will be reduced effectively.
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