Some believe that women and men are equal and so women should be able to do any job they want. Others feel that there are certain jobs which are not suitable for women. What your opinion?

Women have been fighting for equal rights in various aspects for generations, including equality
the workplace. While some people believe that women as men can choose and able to implement any position, others argue that women are not suitable for particular jobs.
essay will discuss why I completely agree that women can work in any job they want. The main reason why men and women can occupy the same position is related to the same inherent physical and mental abilities. There is no relationship between individual performance and gender,
, the difference could occur due to the experiences and opportunities one explores during his or her life.
For example
, undoubtedly females, who prohibited from the right to education, can't be qualified to do several jobs.
, social norms play a substantial role in gender discrimination which influences women's potential.
, women are not similar to each other in terms of physical ability, intelligence or interests.
, people can’t define and decide, which type of
suits all women.
For instance
, while many females focus on their body strengthening to obtain a career in the sports domain, others tend to prefer
academic path
the academic path
. In short, it's impossible to classify
women according
Accept comma addition
women, according
to the same criteria because of the diversity among them. In conclusion, social and economic development were the critical agents that changed the nature of women's work.
the increasing number of successful women, who work in various fields, some people still believe that females have physical or mental restrictions that limit them to do certain jobs.
essay discussed the reasoning why I believe that women have the right and
the ability
to occupy any position.
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