Climate change is a big environmental problem that has become critical in last couple of decades. Some people claim that humans should stop burning fossil fuels and use only alternative energy resources, such as wind and solar power. Others say that oil, gas and coal are essential for many industries, and not using them will lead to economic collapse.

From the beginning of the 21th century, the environment is facing huge climate change which one of the biggest threat to the planet. From that perspective, a certain group of folks is suggesting to van fossil fuels and introduce an environmentally friendly strength sources in order to save the nature of the expected devastation.
, an opponent thought is against the opinion, as they believe oil, gas and coal are crucial for industrialization, without them globe will go downward. According to my personal verdict, a new power source ought to be emphasized to replace the harmful fossil fuels, but the process needs to go slowly till the replacement source reaches its peak so industries will not be effected. Now-a-days, the planet facing extreme environmental issues as the result of enormous practice of coals, oil and gas.
For example
, these natural resources are being exploited for transportation and different type of factories to produce heavy demand of products throughout the planet. As the result of burning a significant portion of fossil fuels, the air quality losing its natural impacts, a vast amount of toxic waste from industries is destroying the environment deeply.
, without adoption of those potential resources our daily life will be move a single step as the current nature industries 80-85 % is totally depending on oil, gas and gas.
On the other hand
, researchers and scientist are keen to find a reliable alternative source of stamina to replace the deleterious fossil electricity.
For example
, currently, there is solar capability and wind intensity which need to created in a large level and utilize in current factories and other industries.
, authorized people should push to produce sufficient amount of influence for current days and reserve it for few more years before shutdown fossil electricity.
, most of the industries will be closed and the recession might go far away behind. To sum up, the nature's environment is into a terrible threat due to the climate change which is resulted by unlimited value of fossil fuels.
, a group of people advising on van usage of the harmful resources, but, a sudden restriction may leave a negative impact on the current economic situation. My personal view is to produce enough alternative strength resources before shutting down the adoption of fossil ammunition, so there will not be any downward on the present financial status.

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  • Another problem that needs to be considered...
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