Many parents complain about violence promoted to their children through video games, TV programs and other media. Why is it happening? What can be the solution for it?

Nowadays, most of the parents believe that the kids are highly influenced by a lot of video games, TV Programs and
they think, some media's are leading the way to violence.
is happening mainly because of technology development. Since, youngsters are exposed to a lot of social environments. To control
situation, many solutions can be taken into effort not only by the council but
by their own parents. One solution is, the government should introduce some safety measures which will limit the kids from watching aggressive contents.
, some of the games should not be open to kids who is under 18 years of age limit.
For instance
, play, store applications like pubs, World war, boxing can be banned or restricted to the toddlers.
As a result
, the children would not be influenced by some bad moral ethics. Another solution is, the guardians should not allow children to use mobile phones or any other electronic devices for a long time. They should limit the usage only to the speculative amount of time.
, they can encourage the child to play some indoor games or even some outdoor place near the home.
For Example
, young children can play in the playground near the home, by playing
way they may get more chance to meet different children,
leads them to grow in a friendly atmosphere. Thereby, the exposure may get increased.
, the addiction to TV Programs and other media could be controlled to an extend. To conclude, these corrective measures can be taken for the toddlers by the management and
by the parents to lead a healthy life in a positive atmosphere.
, these will save the young ones from the trap of media and the video games.

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