It is believed that children from countries with a high level of unemployment should be offered just with a primary education and should not be offered with a secondary education as anyway they will not get a job in the future. Do you agree or disagree with the statement?

It is commonly accepted that children who was born in country area should not educate at university or even secondary level, because of the number of unemployed people is high level both in educated or without any diplomas humans. I completely agree that all children should continue their school, even if they do not have any job opportunities. I will discuss the reasons of it in
essay. Some people consider about the rural area's people can not high educate stage because of their jobs are not suitable for upscale intelligent.
For example
, farmers can not read in many countries. They just do agricultural projects conveniently, and
is learnt to
generate with all sides words by word. In my perspective, if a farmer would read, he could make more profit of productions with regard to scientific and new methods.
On the other hand
, not only for a job,
knowledge and intelligence are premier significant key in our age. To being a high
level educate
Accept comma addition
level, educate
can find a job, doubtless.
, the most intelligent person can make a difference in the world. Not important every time to have a degree, more crucial is being creative, and smart.
That is
to say, all youth should encourage to go to school, and college.
does not mean a profession, but open-minded and being futuristic can mean that educated people often make money to live.
For instance
, a company which is located in the capital city of Turkey, has hired an illustrated but smart people in the
years. They have preferred can not have a degree, but creative and thoughtful individuals. In conclusion, I restate that everybody should go to school, even if they were born in counties.
In addition
to it, companies and governments should encourage them to study anymore. I strongly agree illustrate the worst thing in the universe, so it should be gone
teaching and learning in all bad circumstances.

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