Some people believe that the fast pace and stress of modern life is having a negative effect on families. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is undeniable that modernization has changed the way people are living and spending their
, some folks contend that these days people are getting disturbed either mentally or physically due to the pressure of the modern
and it has been effecting their family
essay will argue why people are so stressful in the fast- paced era and
as a
result they
Accept comma addition
result, they
are neglecting their family relationships and I totally agree with the statement.
To begin
with, people are working longer hours than ever in order to earn high salaries for the quality of
, but it hinders the people to spend some
with their families and
is a big hurdle which causes the mutual misunderstanding among the family members.
For instance
, there have been some recorded instances of people who tend to choose a whole week job in order to pay their expenses but at the same
they are totally disconnected with their families. These few instances make it clear that working overtime by putting themselves under the unfavourable conditions spoiling the family
, there is an another reason which is equally contributing for distracting someone from the family. It is seen that these days people opt the high demanding jobs which are quite target-oriented and they have to complete the required target in a particular
period which might be pressurized for the workers and for the completion of those target people have to work even in holiday or late night. In that they do not have enough
time which
Accept comma addition
time, which
could be devoted to the family.
In addition
, that kind of work demands the frequent travelling to other countries and places which
deprives the people from their loved ones. Indeed, one research article suggests that 60% reasons of divorce are the lack of
that people often spend with their partners because they consider themselves busier.
, no family
will exist if there will be no
. In conclusion, people who are in favour that the fast paced era has been creating distances among the families have an entire understanding. Overall, it has been very crucial to keep working for the better lifestyle, but certainly it is
essential to keep the family bonding intact and to balance one's personal and professional
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