Today,more and more tourists are visiting places where conditions are difficult such as Sahara desert or Antarctic. What are the benefits and disadvantages for such tourists who visit such places.

The trend in which people are sojourning to areas with demanding conditions such as Sahara desert or Antarctic. Although, they may experience certain health problems and also expose them to some life threatening issues while it gives opportunities to explore by adding values to them;having fun by being relieved from stress of any kind. Learning is an important process which is very key to individual life. Travelling to interesting places gives room to discover beautiful things about nature because knowledge can be impacted through tourism. Also, it is always an avenue to have fun especially when the whole family gathered together for the trip. For instance, the memories of what I saw at Erin Ijesa Waterfalls still lingers in my memory after almost 20 years that I travelled down with my parents. However, moving outdoors is a way to develop and unwind. There are drawbacks which entails extra care in order not to have negative impacts. Firstly,certain conditions exposed to may lead to issues affecting health status. For example, going to places like Antarctic may cause Pneumonia likewise Asthma for Sahara desert. Moreover, some precautions are needed to put in place because the challenges can be extremely dangerous. Considering the use of personal protective measures like raincoat that prevents tourists from dangers like snake bites. These factors pre exposure harm impeding gaining memorable experiences. Conclusively, people are being inspired to travel without factoring hazards therein. This essay discussed the advantages of visiting such places which included appreciating the importance of nature and a period to free one's mind. This essay further explained the drawbacks in twofolds; developing illnesses and harm.
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