These days many families move to other countries for work. Some people believe that the children in these families benefit from this move. However, others believe that it makes life more difficult for the children. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

world dominated by technologies, working abroad is becoming everybody's dream. As part of migration to other countries for work, family of the primary worker
has to move along. While, some think that it makes life more difficult for the children. I personally think that children in these families benefit from
essay will discuss
scenario, by considering the opinion of both sides by using the examples of Oxford university research and Time magazine survey to demonstrate the points and support the claims. On the one hand, some people, especially grandparents, think that migration hardens the path of kids, particularly toddlers.
, they concur with
opinion considering the fact that young children will lose their moral support, if they shift in young age.
For example
, Oxford university in 2015 researched that adults, particularly older people plays a vital role in the social improvement of the kids back home. So from
example, it is clear that parents alone can't make them a good candidate for tomorrow's world.
On the other hand
, some people contradict
thinking, by saying that, children get to socialize with new people.
, they have the tendency to adapt to new culture with ease and in short duration, they get a good chance to explore new countries in their early age.
, a survey of Time magazine in 2018 revealed that more than 90% of children comforts with
move. So, from
example, it is clear that young children customize themselves to new environments and are trouble free. To conclude, migration to new countries or continents improves the ability and confidence level of young kids.
, they can adjust well with the society and well beings, will get a wide option to gain new knowledge and socialize with people of different discrimination.
, they will be ready to compete in
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