Traffic congestion is becoming a huge problem for many major cities. Discuss the problems and suggest some measures that could be taken to reduce traffic in big cities.

With the advent of urbanization and the rise in sophisticated modern technologies, many metropolitan cities around the world are struggling to deal with
congestion issue. In
essay, I shall outline the primary cause and suggest some solution for
overgrowing problem.
To begin
with, the significant reason behind the rapid expansion of
blockage is the rise in the economic standards of the society. Nowadays, due to the various financial benefits provided by the banks, many people are able to afford the purchase of their private commute, irrespective of their social economic background. Owning to
, the number of cars running on the road has increased dramatically, which have
resulted in
obstruction in cities.
For example
, a recent study published in the Oxford University illustrated that, over past 52 years, the amount of private cars running on highways have escalated by 78% and the associated
obstructions have surged by 87%.
, it is clear that the financial availability is the paramount cause of
, considering the solution, apart from encouraging people to use common transit, the government should invest greater financial funds in improving the facilities and the services provided by the public transportation.
, the people should use various other environmentally friendly modes of transportation
as bicycles, which will not only help them to stay active, but are
easily manageable on the roads. To conclude from the aforementioned arguments, it is apparent that overcrowding of vehicles on the roadways is a matter of concern.
, various solutions exist to mitigate
issue, but a definite solution has yet to be found.
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