With the pressures on today’s young people to succeed academically, some people believe that non-academic subjects at school (eg: physical education and cookery) should be removed from the syllabus so that children can concentrate wholly on academic subjects. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Today's generation has been under immense coercion due to the advancement in the academic aspect.
As a result
, the non-academic programs
as physical education, arts and cookery are under great oppression. In my opinion, I strongly believe that subjects outside syllabus are significantly interrelated and have to be taught hand in hand.
, non-academic subjects build confidence and strength in introvert students.
will definitely promote creativity and imagination in skilled pupils. Without
, children will struggle to grow into dynamic, individual thinkers on reaching adulthood. Certain students are gifted with special abilities, but
often they are often
they are often
not recognized.
would pave the way for an insight
different individuals.
For instance
, students studying arts and other creative artefacts will develop linguistic capabilities to express their inner emotions.
, some
protest the
Accept comma addition
protest, the
less focus on academic subjects due to the practicality of acquiring these talents. Due to
, a majority
the time for these academic topics. Parents are often worried about these unpleasant behaviour of their children, as for a better living they should grasp knowledge that they are taught in school.
For example
, a survey conducted by IES in Italy reports that, most of the students spend
bulk amount
a bulk amount
of hours in cookery and sports rather than academic tools. I suppose that, they should be on the same importance no matter what.
would help them succeed in life without any grief.
, there should be a balance to facilitate a healthy development both physically and mentally. Equal time management on both sides would not create
imbalance in academic trail. In conclusion, it is necessary to teach academic and non-academic subjects alongside all other subjects. A school curriculum should offer a balance of subjects.
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