The best way to understand other cultures is to work for a multinational organization. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is considered by many, that the preeminent method of learning different cultures is by working for a multinational company. In my opinion, It is not necessary to be the part of
companies, in order to get familiar with a large variety of cultures. To
point, I completely disagree with the given declaration.
essay introduces my point of view along with a description of stated statement. Undoubtedly, the employees of multinational companies are from different countries and locations,
, follow various cultures and introducing others with the same. While working in these multicultural organizations we get exposed to a large variety of lifestyles.
, we can grasp different traditions.
For Instance
, an employee from India and an employee from Canada works in the same company can share their customs in the form of food and apparels.
, the primer interest of the company is not aligned with the personal goals of learning new traditions.So, the whole process of learning becomes a by-product and
can never be in-depth.
On the contrary
, Travelling is the leading way of acquainting new rituals. Here an individual can get more exploration and personal touch than in offices. Traveller personally meets the locals of a particular and understands the community competently.
For Example
, a myriad of foreigners are surprised on visiting India that 40% of Indians are purely vegetarian. Our perspective on new beliefs is opened up by travelling.
process could be faster by means of learning and speaking the local language. A recent study by Mumbai University exclaims that tourists with minimal local linguistic capability learn a lot than the other ones. To Conclude, we can say that we can't fully disagree that working in multinational organizations is a way to learn and understand various traditions. There are other options that can be opted
as Travelling. Apparently, A traveller can get an in-depth knowledge of different rituals as compared to a multicultural organization's employee.
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