he current crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic is showing the best and the worst of humanity. Do you agree? Will a new form of solidarity emerge at the end of the tunnel or do you think on the contrary that previous trends of the last few years (e.g. increasing nationalism) will be enhanced? Write an essay (at least 350 words) to give your opinions. Use relevant examples and explanations to support your ideas.

Humankind is confronted with an unprecedented calamity caused by the Covid-19
, and there are sayings that the onset of
novel virus has been resulting in the revelation of some positive and negative aspects of humanity. Personally,
statement is justifiable for the reasons elaborated through
essay, and I
reinforce my argument that a trend of international union would arise throughout the fight against
To begin
with, some of the worst respects concerning crimes have been uncovered when the virus started to creep into every corner of the world. The very
that is
worth mentioning is the significant rise in the figures for fraud, especially with high-demand products
as surgical masks and
. To be more specific, the turbulence caused by the casualties during the
has pushed people’s need for all types of masks to reach its peak, in which case some evil merchants, private pharmacies and even a few famous pharmaceutical brands seized the opportunities to make these products heavily overpriced. As a consequence, not all people can afford the masks and
and deaths among the impoverished ones who live in unhygienic conditions have been recorded across the globe, especially among the
relating to societies in which capital needed to industrialize is in short supply
, there were even situations that people collected
is used
masks from the streets and hospitals and turned them into seemingly new ones to do business, which
has contributed to the rise in the number of virus-infected victims.
, humanity still shows its best when it comes to the connection between individuals amidst the Covid-19
. The most typical activities must be the philanthropic ones
as giving scholarships or charitable donations for the needy.
As a result
of the damage afflicted by the virus,
the lives
of thousands of laid-off workers have been under acute destitute, depriving them and their family of all the essentials for a healthy and happy life, especially the youngsters who cannot go to school. Fortunately,
, volunteers all around the world have been doing great providing
people things that could enable them to maintain a more stable life while facing
dire strait. To illustrate, Bill Gates is a great example as he has donated up to $150 million to distribute millions of vaccine doses priced at just under $3 to nations struggling with the accelerating
, or other billionaires who have been presenting students with valuable scholarships to ensure their study. Not only those of means volunteered, but average people still united in organizing campaigns which distribute clothes, medicines and food for those suffering from famine or illnesses. From my perspective, a sense of international solidarity would be increasingly reinforced in order to effectively cope with the current situation as a
country itself
Accept comma addition
country, it
country it
is not enough to win the battle against the coronavirus. As long as the virus still exists in any country, the chances are that it can re-enter those that have managed to slow it down or even eradicate it as there may be contaminated travellers from abroad or citizens returning home.
could be elaborated by the fact that the timing of enacting measures varied between countries. As a case in point,
China managed to halt the virus' advance, it
then immediately suffered
immediately suffered from a
wave of contamination, which was attributable to the arrival of travellers and Chinese citizens from other virus-hit countries.
, I believe that all countries undergoing the
, whether severe or not, would gradually work together to agree on a global and synchronized lockdown as
would be
most efficient
more efficient
in curbing the spread of the virus. In conclusion, I totally agree that in times of austerity caused by the Covid-19
, some of the best and the worst aspects of human beings have been revealed and it is recommended that stricter measures should be imposed by the authorities to alleviate the worst and at the same time, promote the best. It
seems to me that a form of solidarity would be formed among all countries while fighting against the virus.
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