Only 20% of Tech Jobs are Held by Women. What problems do women face that prevent them from getting these jobs and what must be done to change this situation?

Men have dominated
sector since the industrial revolution, despite progress in
equality. Men still seem to outnumber the women in terms of employment in the tech business. In
essay I shall discuss the issues tossed against women in securing these jobs and changes that need to be put forth to reduce
inequality. Regardless of having equal or superior skills to their male counterpart, women often feel societal pressure and cultural norms work against them while seeking jobs. Interviewers question the female applicants about their marital and parental status to understand their personal commitments before offering them the
women are pushed to carefully guard their details in an interview, so they don’t lose out on the
, not having a college degree or a computer science graduation tends to lower their confidence at work place or when applying for jobs, because in many cultures’ families encourage men to pursue higher education while women are pushed performed household activities.
For instance
, in Asian countries people believe that men are the bread winners of the family as well as invest in their education, but
on the other hand
women are taught to take care of the home and perform domestic work. All these factors make the career path of a woman more challenging. Many women activists across the globe have brought up
issue to the society and fought
equality in
job market
the job market
As a result
, today, many corporate companies incorporated polices to ensure their workforce have equal number of women and men employed. Other than
IT sector need to diligently transform their corporate culture to respect all employees,
make discrimination and
inequality socially unacceptable. These changes will make the womenfolk feel more secure and boost their morality,
we can perhaps close the gap between
disparity. To conclude, cultural norms need to change in employment and educational settings to permanently eliminate the problem of
discrimination, so every woman can feel confident, supported and safe as they pursue their dreams.
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Linking words for giving examples:

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  • for instance
  • to illustrate this
  • to give a clear example
  • such as
  • namely
  • to illustrate
  • take, for example

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