Write a letter to your manager about your work from the last year. Include What you did What you think you could improve A training request

Dear Mr Peters, I am writing to you to give my annual report about the projects that we accomplished in the previous year. To be precise I was involved in two major projects related to the flood assessment for regional Australia and for Melbourne city. I was in charge of building 3d models of the area and damage assessment of the forecasted floods.
As a result
, our team created maps of area hazards with graduation
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from the
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most hazardous areas to less affected ones. Over the course of the Melbourne city project, we met an issue related to the memory capacity when a sophisticated multi-parameter model was running. In fact, we were not able to complete
part of the project as we were constantly receiving “not enough memory” errors.
, I would like to suggest purchasing a high-performance computing machine in the
financial year because the computers that we are currently using in our department have limited memory capacity, which is not sufficient for the flood simulation. It will significantly decrease the running time of the model because we are using a wide range of parameters
as rainfall amount, type of soils, outflow, etc.
In addition
, I would like to apply for a two-week course related to the latest findings in flood forecasting and crucial modelling parameters. In my opinion,
course will help me to improve our company models. Could you please give me an educational leave in October for
purpose? Thank you in advance for your cooperation and attention to
matter. Yours sincerely, Maria V (GIS-analyst, the cartographic department)
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Structure your letter

A letter needs to be written using a proper format, including the following:

  • A greeting (Dear sir/madam, Dear John, Dear Mr. Smith)
  • The main body (consisting of paragraphs for each part of the letter)
  • A closing (Yours sincerely, Yours faithfully, Best wishes, Kind regards, Love)

When writing a letter as part of the IELTS General Training Writing Task 1, it is important to include the bullet points presented to you in the question.

All three bullet points need to be presented. And remember that some bullet points contain more than one element. So, make sure to watch for ‘and’ and plurals.

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