Most major cities around the world continue to grow at a phenomenal rate due to the massive increase in population. This has led to a general decline in the quality of life in city areas as the environment becomes more crowded and polluted. Give some reasons why this growth has occurred and suggest some practical solutions to this problem.

The population explosion has caused metro cities to expand at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, the direct impact is on the compromised living in the city centres, due to environmental issues like pollution and people density. In
essay, we will discuss the causes of
phenomenon and propose effective solutions to combat the problem. Indeed, people from small towns relocate to the cities looking for a livelihood,
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it may be a big compromise on the standard of living. Due to the presence of the financial and trade hubs in the city, the earning capacity is unarguably higher.
For example
, as kids, we inhibited a palatial bungalow in Nasik, but when I moved to Mumbai for better career opportunities, all I could afford is a small apartment on the outskirts.
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you have varied job options to choose from, which may not be available in small towns.
is the reason why, while there is a direct hit on the quality of life in urban spaces, people are willing to relocate here causing crowding.
, the civic body of each state needs to implement better plans to offer better options to the citizens.
, they can offer major subsidies for industries to shift their infrastructure to a small town, which will create a job market there. More importantly, the city municipalities need to provide better infrastructure to avoid traffic congestion and ways to reduce the impact on the environment.
For example
, the underground metro which opened in Delhi in 1989 largely helped to improve the air quality and offered better connectivity. By doing
, people could afford to live in bigger houses on the outskirts. These are a few of the changes that can be implemented to tackle the problem. In conclusion, the ever-growing metro population have caused the metros to expand, resulting in a poor quality of life mostly due to environmental issues. To make a change the authorities should plan to establish industries and factories in rural areas. And improving the transportation options which promote green living.
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