Getting promotions is one of the biggest drives for people to apply themselves and work hard in the modern workplace. Why do you think people are so driven to get promotion? What other factors influence people to work hard?

Nowadays, having promotion encourage employees greatly to relate them with the job and utilize their maximum skills. In my opinion, professionals are keen on this because of enjoying more benefits as well as values; however, varieties of work is another factor, which motivates service-holders to employ their best. Being promoted means availing more facilities and respect. Usually, facilities of services are increased with the level of the hierarchy. Therefore, if a person is upgraded his position, he will likely have more remuneration, incentives, bonuses, transport, and medical facilities. These amenities not only serve job satisfaction but also ensure a standard living for the employees. Likewise, promotion enhances a professional's image to others because it is the recognition of his competencies and contribution to the company. For example, a survey reveals that more than 80% of officers perform better after having any consideration from the administration. Consequently, diversified tasks inspire people to give more effort in the workplace. Because, these involve challenges, which inspire workers to related them with the task entirely. Besides, working in various tasks enhance the practical experience of the officers and let them apply their knowledge. Furthermore, having diverse and vibrant work experience make a person's professional profile valuable for the job market. For instance, most of the NGO officials enjoy their occupation because of the variation of their work. In conclusion, position up-gradation is one of the major persuasive devices for most of the ongoing employees as it serves more advantages and worth fullness. Nevertheless, different duties equally motivate individuals to provide their maximum effort for employers.
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